Organisation of General Phycisians of Curacao

Gezondheidszorg & Samenwerking binnen het Koninkrijk: HCC Aruba 1 t/m 4 juni

Gezondheidszorg & Samenwerking binnen het Koninkrijk van 1-4 Juni. Hier klikken


HCCA  Health Care Congres Aruba 1 t/m 4 juni

The main goal for this conference is to achieve and/or reinforce collaboration between the different Dutch Kingdom partners leading to the solution of common Health Care problems and/or difficulties.

The Health Care Conference Aruba offers an opportunity to hold a broader discussion about healthcare, and to put questions and challenges in a broader perspective. It is also a good opportunity to bring together health care professionals, policy makers and politicians in the hope to find each other and help each other achieve the best solutions.

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